Client Testimonials

Teri Deal has returned my balance, coordination, agility, energy, and freedom back to me. I highly recommend her.

For two years, I had intermittent vertigo and problems with my balance and coordination. At the start of the third year, my balance and coordination problems became continuous and intensified for 8 months. Throughout the nearly three years, I had seen multiple medical specialists, had many tests conducted (sometimes multiple times), and had several diagnoses.

During those 8 months, my energy was depleted. I could barely make it through an 8-hour workday only to return home and immediately rest and go to bed. My situation was ironic because I have always been physically active, specifically in activities like martial arts and rock climbing that require a high degree of balance and proprioception (i.e., kinesthetic awareness).

From my initial intake appointment through my last appointment, Teri always listened to me describe the nuances of how my body felt in different scenarios and situations. She combined that with her own knowledge, experience, and diagnostics to treat me in her office and to devise a program of exercises for me to do at home.

Each time I reached a plateau in improvement, Teri would adjust my in-office treatment and fine-tune my program. She would educate me on how each exercise was designed to strengthen and mitigate a weakness that was contributing to my overall condition and symptoms. This empowered me as a knowledgeable patient in my own self-care.

Teri would not stop until my balance, coordination, and proprioception returned to normal. We reached this after 5 months of working together. She has deep empathy and compassion for her patients' conditions. I believe this is why she fights so hard to make every patient feel normal again.

Teri has returned to me a sense of freedom and confidence in being in the world. I highly recommend her.

- Raphael C.