Vestibular What?

The vestibular system is what keeps us staying upright by maintaining good balance and allowing us to know where we are in space.  Simply put, it is comprised of communication between the inner ear, the brain, and our eyes.

When your vestibular system is malfunctioning, you feel it immediately.  There are many possible symptoms.  Most common are vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, visual field distortion, and are occasionally accompanied by difficulty in walking, hearing loss, brain fog, and exhaustion.  People who suffer a concussion may also incur an injury to the vestibular system and will have similar symptoms which can be addressed by a vestibular therapist.

The Balance Center offers vestibular rehabilitation either in-person at our Fairfax, Va location at 10195 Main St. Suite E, or via Telehealth using HIPAA compliant software.


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